Monday, January 9, 2012

Tiny drawings!!!

I have a tiny 3.5"x5" spiral sketchbook and I love it. I make a drawing and tear it out, and if it pleases me than I date it and put it in chronological order in a tiny envelope.
The sketchbook is perpetually on it's first page.
Also this song and band are perfect for making tiny drawings of your imaginary homestead.


  1. I used to always carry a sketchbook of that size with me wherever I went! You never know when you might want to make a tiny drawing or a tiny list or a tiny note.

  2. would love to see more of these tiny drawings!

  3. You're so smart. That is such a good way of getting over the "first page of a sketchbook" jitters. Sometimes I sit around looking at that blank page for weeks because I am too afraid to start and ruin it. The first page is so defining, the first thing you open up to. It seems so important. Just tearing it out is such a great solution.
    you're so cool.

  4. Oh yeah, and we are going to build that tiny house and live in it.

  5. OMG! How cute! You should totally do (I'm gonna do it too!) ...2" x 3"! Even tinier!